HUATEC HG-5026 Vibration Calibrator

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1 Vibration amplitude display
Showing the amplitude of the vibration
2 Calibration potentiometer Designed for calibrating this calibrator by comparing the reading of an accurate vibration meter and the display of this device. Put function selecting switch to ACC, then use a screwdriver to adjust the display to make it the same as that accurate vibration meter. Then adjust VEL & DISP the same way.
3 Parameter selecting switch Select display parameter of the calibrator
4 Adjusting the vibration amplitude
5 Adjusting the vibration amplitude slowly
6 The vibration head for fixing a transducer to be calibrated
7 The tapped hole for fixing the stand of proximity probe
For the calibration of proximity probe.
8 Power switch
9 Socket for 220 V AC power input cable
10. Socket for vibration output
For monitoring the wave shape/ distortion of the vibration
11 Output socket of –24 V voltage
Providing power – 24Vdc for calibration of proximity probe.
12 Frequency adjustment
Press for selecting the digital position, Rotate to change value
13 Vibration frequency display

Frequency: from 1 to 1280 Hz,adjustable
Amplitude accuracy:
Acceleration (@10m/s2 pk) 40Hz to 320Hz + 0.3dB + 1digit
20Hz to 640Hz + 0.5dB +1digit
Velocity (@20mm/sec rms) 40Hz to 320Hz +0.5dB +1digit
Displacement (@50μm pk-pk) 40Hz to 320Hz + 0.5dB + 1digit
Proximity probe linearity calibration kits
Probe: 5mm and 8mm probes Range: 0~2.0mm
Display: 3 1/2 digit display for vibration and frequency
Size: 300 x250 x210(mm)
Weight: 6kgs
Temperature: Operation: 0oC to 50 oC
Storage: -20 oC to 70 oC
Humidity: 90% non -condensing

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