LKZ-1500-LITE Cable and underground infrastructure locator

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• Cable routing without secrets with the LKZ-1500-LITE
The Sonel LKZ-1500-LITE cable and wire locator is a set, consisting of a transmitter (LKN) and a receiver (LKO), which allows finding, identifying and tracing the route of objects buried in the ground. It is an indispensable piece of equipment for energy and installation companies dealing with a wide range of earthworks.

Product characteristics
The LKZ-1500-LITE locator set, consisting of a transmitter and receiver, allows for location, identification and tracking of the route of objects buried in the earth, i.e.:

• power cords and cables, control cables, telecommunications cables,
• underground elements of lightning protection systems, cathodic protection systems,
• water and sewage systems,
• fuel transmission systems (pipelines, gas pipelines)
• heating systems and pre-insulated pipes.

The sets of LKZ series are an invaluable support in earthworks carried out for various industries, including energy, installation, construction, railway, telecommunications, water and sanitary, heating, geodetic and many others.

LKN-1500 transmitter introduces a specific signal to the tracked objects, enabling LKO receivers to route in the active mode. The receivers operate also in a passive mode that uses the network frequencies and telecommunications signals present in the facility.
LKO-1500-LITE receiver is designed according to “intuitive and user-friendly” principle and it is an ideal solution for users entering the world of cable location and routing.

LKN-1500 transmitter
• Transmission of double frequency signals.
• The mode of limiting the voltage of the transmitted signal.
• Transmitter power: 1 W, 2 W, 5 W, 10 W.
• Operation in direct galvanic or inductive connection mode - internal transmitting antenna.
• Compatible with transmitting clamps.
• Continuous or interval mode of operation that extends battery life.
• Case housing.

LKO-1500-LITE receiver
• Active mode:
• work with LKN-1500 transmitter at the frequencies of 1024 Hz, 8928 Hz, 33 kHz.
• Passive mode – work at the frequencies of:
• 50 Hz,
• RADIO (10...36 kHz),
• SB (48 Hz...14 kHz).
• Location depth up to 6 m.

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