S360 Portable Type Gas Analyzer EX, CO, O2, H2S, NH3, CH4, HCI, N2, H2, CL2, NOx, SO2, NO, NO2, CO2

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Product introduction:
S360 pump-suction multi-gas analyzer, using modular detection unit technology, configured with single gas sensor or multiple gas sensors, customers can choose single gas or multiple gas sensors, up to 16 kinds of gas can be detected. S360 has clear LCD touch screen and alarm function to ensure that toxic gases can also be detected, and remind operators to prevent in harsh working conditions.

Application occasions:
Petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection, boiler, pipeline and other flue gas analysis, air treatment, all need to detect and analyze gas concentration occasions.

Product parameters:
Detection method: pump-suction type
Batteries: 3.6 V and 7.2 V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
Battery working hours: more than 8 hours of continuous work
Principle of sensor: electrochemistry, catalysis, infrared laser
Display: large touch screen
Alarm: Sound and light
Direct readings: instantaneous values
Temperature of sample: - 20-50℃ (800℃ flue gas concentration can be detected by selecting high temperature sampling and cooling filter handle or high temperature and high humidity pretreatment system)
Operation humidity: 5-90% RH (No condensation)
Dimensions: 293 mm (L)x 109 mm (W)x 209 mm (H)

EX, CO, O2, H2S, NH3, CH4, HCI, N2, H2, CL2, NOx, SO2, NO, NO2, CO2 Etc.

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