UT677A Battery resistance tester

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Description: The battery internal resistance tester is a measuring instrument used to measure the internal resistance, voltage, and temperature of rechargeable batteries such as lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries to judge the health status of the battery.
It can also be used as an instrument to measure the ESR parameters of electrolytic capacitors. UT677A uses the AC 4-terminal test method to measure the internal resistance of the battery, which can measure the correct measurement value without being affected by the contact resistance between the test lead, the terminal, and the battery electrode.
The whole machine is high-grade and beautiful, with a wide range, high resolution, convenient operation, convenient carrying, accurate, reliable, stable performance, and strong anti-interference ability. It is an indispensable instrument for battery production, battery installation, equipment production, equipment maintenance, and other scenarios.
Features of UT677A Battery Internal Resistance Tester
● Internal resistance test: 0.000mΩ~3.100 Ω
● Voltage test: 0.000V~±71.00V
● Temperature test: -10.0℃~60.0℃
● Fast response: ≤200ms
● Measurement result judgment function
● 5000 pieces of data storage & rechargeable lithium battery

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